Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Educate people on plant tissue culture technologies.Β This means that make sure that people who are not scientists and do not have access to expensive labs or higher educational facilities can learn.
  2. Get tools into the hands of people who we teach them. Provide affordable options so that every household can have their own simple inexpensive lab.
  3. Inspire people to begin plant conservation efforts. Now that everyday people have the plants, we want to ensure that people can build their own plant library at home and have the ability to propagate and multiple plants at home.

We want to give people access to the plants.

Our decentralized approach to plant conservation

Today, a few big players hold all the tools of the world. Major seed banks exist with millions of dollars of overhead operating costs. The genetics feel very distant from the public – locked away and inaccessible. What if there was a way without such excessive gatekeeping to perpetuate the plants?

Individual citizens can take the responsibility of plant conservation into their own hands. Instead of pushing or promoting others to perform plant conservation efforts, we ourselves can take ownership and become stewards of the earth.

We are selling you the tools to perpetuate nature.

It couldn’t get anymore green than that.