Our team of scientists has over 20 years experience with Plant Tissue Culture. We are a multidisciplinary organization that has highly technical staff. Contact us to get in touch and organize your initial free consultation meeting so that we can help you set up a lab according to your needs.

Micropropagation Services

Establishment and multiplication of your precious plant genetics.

Protocol Development

Development of novel micropropagation protocols and SOPs.

Temporary Immersion Bioreactor

Efficient commercial-scale technology for micropropagation.

Acclimatization Services

Develop the procedures to get your plants out of test tubes and into the garden.

Lab Setup & Development

Scientific equipment procurement and ergonomic setup of lab floor plan.

In-Vitro Art

Our innovation to merge science and art into self-sustaining plant displays.

Lab Services

  • Establishment, clean and restore the vigor to your valuables varieties
  • Storage in vitro conservation your valued species
  • Scale up and mass in vitro propagation in liquid culture media
  • Innovative ways to increase the quality and quantity of in vitro plant production
  • Develop the protocols for photoautotrophic micropropagation
  • Efficient commercial-scale technology for micropropagation in Temporary Immersion Bioreactor
  • Procedure and manage for successful saplings Acclimatization


  • Lay out the ergonomic floor plan of your tissue culture lab
  • Selection detailed of equipment, reagents and consumables
  • Design of culture media formulation for species in each micropropagation stage
  • Fine-tune Plant Tissue Culture – Micropropagation protocol development and SOPs
  • Tailor-made training program to get your PTCLab staff to the next level
  • Implementation support in person or remotely by video