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Learn how Tissue Culture can revolutionize your farm.

Upgrade your farming techniques to get the healthiest and most resilient disease-free plants at scale.

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Tissue Culture helps your Business in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – We meet to discuss your plant needs.

We begin with our free consultation to discuss the plant species, quantities and timelines to map out the project.

Step 2 – We grow the plants in our advanced laboratory.

We will move your prized genetics of plants into in-vitro conditions and develop the protocols to multiply them.

Step 3 – You have access to large quantities of healthy, fresh clones.

Your starter plants will multiply into thousands of vigorous disease-free planlets ready for industrial scale.

For the first time, the tools of elite biotechnology companies are now available to your business in an affordable and scalable way.

Our team of scientists have worked at the top levels of both private and public sector industry. They will give your business an unbelievable competitive edge to have high quantities of the most healthy vigorous plants at affordable prices.

Restore your plants to full strength.

Establish, clean and restore and clean your genetics. We are able to take sick parent plants and clone them into healthy babies.

We can preserve your perfect speciments in test-tube conditions to build an ever-lasting plant library of your most prized genetics.

Freshly grown lilacs in-vitro

Exponential growth in number of plants.

Plant Tissue Culture technology allows you to multiply one plant into thousands in a way never before possible.

Each baby plant is born disease-free and full of life in a way not possible with seeds or cuttings.

Freshly grown lilacs in-vitro

We work together with confidentiality and exclusivity.

To ensure that you always have the upper hand against your competitors – we build trusted long term relationships with our clients to ensure privacy and secrecy.

What happens in the lab stays in the lab.

Our scientists have experience in top level agriculture industry.

Our team of scientists has executed large scale projects involving the farming of apple trees, bananas, plantains, yuca, yams, sweet potatoes and more.

Apple Trees in our Bioreactor

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