Study Plant Tissue Culture in Canada

In addition to our online store and educational articles, we offer courses so that Canadians can get hands-on experience with plant tissue culture micropropagation.

Currently in Canada, the options are very limited for people who wish to study and get started with plant tissue culture technologies. Some colleges and universities offer individual courses as part of bigger programs of study in the field of biology, but there are not many affordable and simple options where newbies can get hands-on practice and direct apprenticeship under industry professionals. Believe it or not, many of the aforementioned courses offered by major archaic institutions happen to primarily teach the theoretical knowledge of plant tissue culture with limited lab settings! In the internet age, we are aware that these books and PDFs can be downloaded for free, so our course content as all geared towards practical useful implementation of micropropagation skills.

The budding cannabis industry in Canada has opened the doors for many people who have deep passions for horticulture and plant science to realize that it is possible that they can build a career in this field. Our website aims to be the ultimate stepping stone for these people to actualize their abilities and become biotechnologists.

Whether you are an amateur citizen scientist or accredited professional, we have an educational solution that is right for you. Our online shop will get you stocked up with everything you need to get the ball rolling in your lab setup – as small as a home lab using plastic tubs and pressure cookers or as large as an industrial grow facility.

When you study with us you become a student for life, and always can reach out to us and the community of other students for questions and help.

We offer the following solutions for those looking to learn this trade:

  1. Fully remote distance learning. We will send you all of the supplies you need in the mail and walk you through the course modules with a combination of pre-recorded content and video calls.
  2. In-person workshops. We will run workshops at facilities where students can come in and learn, currently in the Greater Toronto Area and soon expanding to other parts of the country.
  3. On-site training for industrial facilities. We offer training solutions for existing commercial enterprises to train their existing staff. This is the best option for LPs looking to train their ambitious grow staff and level them up into biotechnologists.

Browse below to see our current course offerings. Submit your contact information and we will reach out to you and get you set up and ready to turn your dream into a reality.

Current Course Offerings

Micropropagaton I

Learn the basics of plant tissue culture.

Beginner Level

Micropropagaton II

Develop your skills to a professional level.

Advanced Level

Cannabis Tissue Culture I

Learn to work with Cannabis in-vitro.

All Levels

About Our Courses

Lifetime Student Support

Once you register for one of our courses, we will always be there to help you. We aim to build long term relationships with all students, and we see all registrants as lifetime partners, not temporary customers.

Online and In-Person Options

Study fully remote (we will ship you the supplies) or at one of our set workshop dates located across Canada where you will have the opportunity to use professional-grade equipment.

Cutting-edge Industry Knowledge

Our instructors are leaders in their field with notable publications and a record of genuine innovation. They will walk you through complicated scientific concepts step-by-step.